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You have options

As a Life coach, and one that is always working on my awareness and the words I use to communicate, I have found that the

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You are enough

Do you ever question your thoughts? Have you found yourself thinking, “Why am I choosing to think this? How is it serving me?” Have you

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Can you manage time?

About 3 years ago I was sitting in a class titled Creative Self-Care. As I was enjoying the perspectives and information that the Instructor was

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Are you hydrated?

About a month ago I was talking to a fellow massage therapist and he was sharing information he had read in a book titled “Quench”. 

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When I was younger earning money to me meant, the money I can save. My whole goal was how can I earn it and what

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Energy VS Charisma

As my business coach and I were enjoying a coffee at a local coffee shop, he asked me a question, one which I can’t remember

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