You are enough

You are enough

Do you ever question your thoughts? Have you found yourself thinking, “Why am I choosing to think this? How is it serving me?” Have you ever questioned someone else’s thoughts? Saying to yourself, “Why are they choosing to think that?”

Awareness is a very human experience. The ability that we have to self-observe our own thinking makes us unique and important for having that quality. Let’s say Your best friend calls you up and says, as she is crying hysterically, “I am a terrible mother, wife, and I can’t lose weight!”

Wow! She hit the trifecta! You ask her what happened, she tells you the whole scenario. Words are exchanged, thoughts are brought up. Then you start to tell your friend why she is a terrific mom, That she isn’t overweight, and she is a great wife to her husband, who is lucky to have a woman as wonderful as her!

Now I want to ask you, have you ever felt like the friend calling or the friend answering the call? My assumption is that you have been in both situations. I know I have. Words are exchanged and thoughts do arise. And, we find ourselves thinking, are we ever good enough?

 I have some great news for you. You are never ever less than or more than as you are right now. That’s right! Whether it was 20 years past or 20 years in the future, you are still you, just in a different time. Your “worthiness,” your “good enoughness”, hasn’t increased nor does it decrease.

It just is.

How is that so? Let me draw your attention to the first thought I mentioned.

photo of woman's face reflection

Awareness is a very human experience, the ability that we have to self-observe our own thinking makes us unique and important for having that quality.

Let me address the scenario. Free Coaching Tip ahead…

Good friends want friends to feel good. My job as your coach is to help you be aware of your thoughts so you can choose to shift your thinking or not. Either way, you are still worthy, the difference is that being actively aware of what you are thinking, instead of reacting to what you are thinking can help you shift your thoughts.

As a coach, I hold space and asked questions designed to help you see what you are thinking. If I was wearing my coach hat, on the other end of the friend call, I might ask the questions, “Why are you choosing to think those thoughts?” How would you answer? If you are wanting to dive into your thinking, click on contact Angela, to schedule a free one-hour coach call. 

Goals or Resolutions for 2020

Goals or Resolutions for 2020

Goals or Resolutions? Which one will I be setting for the year and is there a difference?

I used to always put them in the same category. Resolutions and Goals are almost like peas and carrots when you are talking about the beginning of a New Year. However, this year I discovered a definition that made me realize just how different they are. The definition of a Goal: The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. The definition of a Resolution: A firm decision to do or not to do something.

Those are two very different definitions. A goal feels to me like a “give it my best, but if I don’t make it…eh, no big deal. I can start again” kind of commitment. Whereas a resolution is exactly that; resolute commitment! It is a firm decision to do vs the ambition to try.

Which brings me to another observation…

Are you willing to feel uncomfortable? Even as I write this blog, I am completely uncomfortable. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and trying to get my personality across to readers is truly an art form, and I have yet to even come close to accomplishing that. There will be judgment, I will be mocked, and people will notice I am an amateur blogger, at best. Yet, being willing to experience that discomfort?  Maybe that is the idea behind the change and a reason one should set a goal or a resolution.

Be willing to set your pride aside and be human. Fall, make mistakes, and set goals. Maybe it is through the goal setting that you can one day stand back and decide, “This year I am ready to set a goal and if I come up short I will set another, until one day that goal turns into a resolution, a way of life.”

I have read many times that it is through accomplishing the little things that great things are achieved. So set those goals and be prepared to grow until one day it is no longer a goal but a true resolution.

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