Angela Dryden

Certified Life Coach

Showing Clients How to Discover, Create and Become Themselves.

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Are You Exhausted from Trying to Prove Your Worth?

Gaining the skill of letting go while loving yourself and others is possible. As your coach, I will show you how.

Feel Connected

Create Relationships You Want to Connect With

I read many self-help books, been to all types of counseling and therapy, and have participated in weekend seminars to improve the roller coaster that I called life. I kept believing that something was wrong with me and if I could fix myself things would be better and if other people would change it would be easier for me to change.

That was my story for 20 years and I didn’t know how to change it. Until I discovered how to let go of it.

The answer wasn’t in a self-help book, the past, or a weekend retreat, the answer was in the possibility that I could create a new story. I started believing that I wasn’t broken, even though I still had flaws. Then I opened up to the idea that no one had to change, just me when I was ready.

It’s about connecting the dots and finding ways to see your life with observing eyes and not a judging mind. Ready to create a new story?